Taxonomic database software for keys and descriptions?

Hubert Turner turner at BIO.UVA.NL
Tue Jul 16 09:03:58 CDT 1996

On 20/6, Harvey E. Ballard wrote:

>Dear Folks:
>A fellow taxonomist asked me today about taxonomic databases that manage
>data for the production of keys and descriptions and that also permit the
>identification of unknowns upon inputting of diagnostic characters.  I've
>heard bits and pieces about some possible software but claim almost
>complete ignorance about the subject.
>In case it might be useful to others to get tidbits regarding useful
>(ideally user-friendly and cheap or free) software for this purpose, would
>all who have specific knowledge of such please send it forth to the TAXACOM
>community?  I will compile responses and (after keeping copies of your
>wisdom for myself) forward it to my colleague.
>Many thanks for your help, and best wishes,
>Harvey Ballard
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Dear Harvey,

You and your colleague should check out DELTA, of which a description is
available on the WWW at

I wasn't able to connect to the site just now, but I seem to recall that
there is a mailing list dedicated to DELTA.

Other identification packages are described at the site

Many more internet resources for taxonomy and nomenclature can be found at

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