Value of 'naming'

Barry M. OConnor bmoc at UMICH.EDU
Thu Jul 18 07:25:05 CDT 1996

At 7:45 PM 7/17/96, Jerry Bricker wrote:
>I wonder if Standard Daylight Time went over well with the world's
>various inhabitants when it was first introduced.  I'm sure there was a
>certain amount of anger and pain when individuals living by the local sun
>angle suddenly had to adhere to a system clearly devised to service an
>entire planet.  Are we talking about anything less when proposing
>standardized common names?  Local names will certainly go by the
>wayside.  Isn't that the reason for the standardization?  I suggest that
>taking the long view (one to two centuries) is what is involved here.  Of
>course, we Americans (most of the recent contributers to this thread)
>can't imagine such a commitment due to our politician's and public
>servant's unwillingness to commit to an issue for more than the latest
>Jerry Bricker

Frankly, we've had "official" Latin names for over 200 years, now, and
we're still arguing about "common" names.  As for us Americans, I think the
metric system has been "official" over the rest of the world for quite a
while as well.

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