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Maria Hilda Avellanal mavellan at VALDIVIA.UCA.UACH.CL
Tue Jul 23 11:07:26 CDT 1996

I'm working with Phalerisida maculata Kulzer. It's a tenebrionid from
Chile that live in the upper zone of sandy beachs.

My work it's in locomotor activity and orientation of this interesting
insect. But I have some problems. This specie desapear completely during
the winter season and we can't find it.

Do you have information about something similar in species of the same

If somebody have any clue about the original description of these species
I'll be very gratefull.

Sorry for my englis, but I think that you can understand me.

Maria Hilda Avellanal Sanguinetti
Instituto de Zoologia
Universidad Austral de Chile
Casilla 567

email: mavellan at

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