modern systematics and permanent specimens

Fri Jul 26 16:37:49 CDT 1996

Fri 26 Jul   Eastern quittin' time

Steve Boyd (RSA) wrote:

"Here at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden Herbarium we are often
hitting thegraduate students with the phrase "no voucher - no data".
I first heard Brian Boom utter these words at the BRIT symposium
several years ago and it really hit home.  I hope that if our grad
students hear these sacred words enough, the concept will sink in and
they will become advocates of collections when they move on in their

    To further this thread, I'm pleased to say that the Editorial
Committee of CASTANEA has adopted a policy of strongly recommending
that any manuscripts submitted for publication, whether floristic or
not, involve serious vouchering of all material involved. This will
soon be a written policy.

    Have a good weekend y'all.

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University of South Carolina
Columbia SC 29208

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