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     a workshop for natural history museums and collectors

                         29-31 January 1997

        sponsored by the San Diego Natural History Museum
  and co-sponsored by the Association of Systematics Collections

                      San Diego, California, USA

Confusion and controversy often surround the process of applying for and
maintaining valid collecting permits. In many cases, the process is not
well understood, new laws and regulations are not well publicized, or
there is confusion about different agencies and responsibilities.

This bilingual (English and Spanish) workshop will address these problems
by bringing together scientists, agency representatives and collectors
from several countries to examine the problems and provide clarification.
Permit agency representatives will be available at a "permits bazaar" to
answer individual questions and to facilitate on-site permit applications.

Topics to be addressed include:
*The roles, responsibilities and requirements of permitting agencies:
        Canada, the U.S.A., Mexico, Central and South America
*International regulations and treaties affecting global scientific
*Issues related to the Biodiversity Convention, collecting, and national
        sovereignty laws
*Issues specific to vertebrate, invertebrate, botanical, microbiological
        and paleobiological collecting
*The roles of scientific and avocational collectors

The official languages of the workshop will be English and Spanish.
Simultaneous translation facilities will be provided for speakers of
these languages. Participants with other translation needs should contact
the workshop coordinator. All proceedings will be printed in the language
in which they are submitted, with abstracts in the other language.
Individual translators will be available as needed.

Wednesday will feature presentations by a variety of speakers,
representing the issues confronting governmental agencies, universities,
museums, and private or avocational collectors. An icebreaker reception
at the San Diego Natural History Museum will be held Wednesday evening.
Thursday morning will conclude the formal presentations. Representatives
of permitting agencies will be available all afternoon on Thursday to
answer questions and to  facilitate applications for permits. A reception
and keynote address will be held Thursday night. On Friday morning, a
moderated plenary session will allow questions to be discussed by all
parties. Proceedings of the workshop will be mailed three to six months
after the workshop.

The registration fee of $250 US includes the cost of the translation
facility, receptions, coffee breaks, and all handouts and proceedings.
The costs of other meals, transportation, lodging and on-site permit
applications are not covered in the fee. A list of hotels and motels in
the area will be sent to registrants.

An all-day whale watching tour for a limited number of workshop
participants has been scheduled for Saturday, February 1. Registration
for this trip is separate from the conference registration.

For further information and registration forms, please contact:

Sally Shelton
Director, Collections Care and Conservation
extension 226

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