Australasian Localities

Denis Brothers brothers at ZOOLOGY.UNP.AC.ZA
Tue Jul 2 08:59:44 CDT 1996

I am trying to pinpoint type localities for various species of
mutillid wasps described from New Guinea and Australia.  I have
consulted various gazetteers, atlases and the GEOnet Names Server,
and have found most of them.  The following few still elude me,
however, and I would be extremely grateful if anyone could give me
any ideas as to their current names and coordinates.  Thank you in
advance.  (Replies to me, please.)

NorthWest New Guinea: Ramoi, collected by L.M.D'Albertis in 1872
(specimens in Genoa Museum)

SouthEast New Guinea: Moroka, 1300m., collected by Loria in 1893

Australia: "Post.I.", collected by Fischer in 1878 (Vienna)

Northern Australia, collected by Thorey in 1864 (Vienna)

South Australia: "Blackb.", collected by Froggatt (about 1900?)

Australia, Victoria, Portland: "Bats Ridges", collected by C.
Beuglehole in 1955

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