A little holiday humor

Jerry Bricker lcjbrick at ANTELOPE.WCC.EDU
Wed Jul 3 21:33:39 CDT 1996

There was this prison in a remote part of the world, isolated by miles and
miles of desert and wasteland. There were only 2 prisoners. One, an old and
long-term resident and a new guy. For the first few months the new guy was
all up about getting out and escaping. The old guy just listened patiently.
One day he did it, the new guy escaped. Several days later he was returned
by the guards, almost dead. When he finally recovered he related his story
to the old guy. The desert was terrible, no water and just burning sand for
mile after mile. It was a relief to finally be captured! The old guy just
said, "I know."
The new guy couldn't believe it, he said "What! What do you mean 'you
know?'" Old guy, " I escaped many years ago and found exactly the same
thing." New guy, "If you knew what it was like out there, why the hell
didn't you tell me?"

"So who publishes negative results?"

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