Searching generic names

Amelie Scheltema ascheltema at CLIFF.WHOI.EDU
Wed Jul 10 16:16:39 CDT 1996

          Does any taxacomer know of a simple way to look for
          available generic names?  So far, this is what I use:

          From 1758-1965:   Neave, Nomenclator zoologicus (in 4
          volumes, 1758-1935; vol. 5, 1936-1945; vol. 6 1946-1955,
          Edwards & Hopwood eds.; and vol. 7 1956-1965, Edwards &
          Vevers eds.)

          From 1966-1977:  Zoological Record, vols. 103-114.

          From 1978 on:  library search on line, for anyone having
          access to it ("it" being, I think, Zoo. Rec.).  I understand
          getting on line may be expensive.

          How wonderful if all these lists were amalgamated into one
          grand, updatable list as new genera are named, and
          affordable for all to use on the internet.

          Amelie Scheltema
          ascheltema at

          Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
          Woods Hole, MA 02543 USA

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