chironomid book.

Atilano Contreras Ramos atilano at IBIOLOGIA.UNAM.MX
Fri Jul 12 10:24:48 CDT 1996

I would appreciate very much receiving information on where to order (if
possible also price) the book

        Wiederholm, T. (ed).  Chironomidae of the Holarctic region, Vol.
                3, Adults. Ent. Scand. Suppl.

Thanks very much in advance (you may reply directly to me to avoid extra
traffic through the list).

Atilano Contreras-Ramos
Instituto de Biologia, UNAM
Depto. de Zoologia
Apdo. Postal 70-153
04510 Mexico, D.F.; MEXICO.

e-mail:  atilano at

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