Dr. Askell Love's bibliography

Adolf Ceska aceska at FREENET.VICTORIA.BC.CA
Sun Jul 14 14:46:40 CDT 1996

Dr.  Askell  Love  was  a  world  leader in the science of plant
cytotaxonomy and phytogeography.  His  friend,  Dr.  William  A.
Weber,  published  a short "In Memoriam" note and a bibliography
of Dr. Love's works in the Acta Botanica Islandica (12[1995]: 3-
5 and 6-34, respectively). I have a small  surplus  of  reprints
that I can send you, if you are interested. Please, send me your
mailing address, and please, don't reply to the whole list,  use
my freenet address instead:

   aceska at freenet.victoria.bc.ca

Adolf Ceska

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