w3TROPICOS Now Available (fwd)

Alan V. Tucker tucker at CISSUS.MOBOT.ORG
Mon Jul 15 16:14:32 CDT 1996


        Follow the link to "w3TROPICOS."

The Missouri Botanical Garden announces live access to its TROPICOS
Nomenclatural database system through the World Wide Web.  Called
w3TROPICOS, this new access vehicle provides a real-time look at the
data collected by staff, students, and collaborators over the last 15
years. When a user request is submitted information about the taxon
is collated and displayed directly from the database. Information is
available for over 750,000 scientific plant names.  The records
frequently have links to other associated names, types, synonymy, and
bibliographic references.

This information was collected for a wide variety of projects,
curatorial tasks, and collaborative endeavors; consequently many
individual records are not complete or accurate.  The most complete
information in the database is for taxa covered by floristic or
taxonomic projects underway at the Missouri Botanical Garden.  We
encourage your use of the information and would appreciated information
on how you are using the information, comments on its usefulness, and
suggestions for improving the presentation.

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