Netscape and DNS error messages (re: w3TROPICOS page)

Shunguo Liu liushus at LEROY.CC.UREGINA.CA
Tue Jul 16 09:03:15 CDT 1996

Just for your info:

If you can't resolve the host name, use IP instead. The domain
"" may have DNS alias problems since those two servers
reside on different physical domains (199.217 and 192.104).

Univ. of Regina

At 09:30 AM 7/16/96 -0500, Leonard Krishtalka wrote:
>       Thanks for the response.  Unfortunately, others have also written me
>concerning problems accessing the mobot page.
>At 08:06 AM 07/16/1996 -0500, Gundega Korsts wrote:
>>Replying to Leonard Krishtalka (Date:    Mon, 15 Jul 1996 17:21:50 -0500)
>>    Subject: Re: w3TROPICOS Now Available (fwd)
>>>       Unfortunately, when I tried a search on the "w3TROPICOS" page, I was
>>>informed that Netscape could not locate the "" server, and
>>>that this server did not have a DNS entry.
>>Welcome to the world of Netscape, the company that grew too fast and the
>>software that has to run in too many different configurations.

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