Birds of Venezuela

Claessen Hugo phyllos at GLO.BE
Tue Jul 16 17:39:19 CDT 1996

Hello all members,

I have the book :=20

Rodolphe Meyer de Schauensee & William H. Pelps, Jr. 1978
 A Guide to the Birds of Venezuela
Princeton University Press=20

With the book was a cassette with birds-songs included, and a covering =
list of the sounds and names of the birds. My problem is, that I lost =
the list. Now my question, is anyone there who as this list also and is =
willing to copy them for me. You can send the list by mail or Email.
Thanks in advance.


Hugo Claessen
Belgian Herpetological Society
A.  Sterckstraat 18
B-2600 Berchem - Antwerp
phyllos at

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