Netscape and DNS error messages (re: w3TROPICOS page)

Curtis Clark jcclark at CSUPOMONA.EDU
Wed Jul 17 07:53:04 CDT 1996

At 09:30 AM 7/16/96 -0500, Leonard Krishtalka wrote:
>       Thanks for the response.  Unfortunately, others have also written me
>concerning problems accessing the mobot page.
>At 08:06 AM 07/16/1996 -0500, Gundega Korsts wrote:
>>Replying to Leonard Krishtalka (Date:    Mon, 15 Jul 1996 17:21:50 -0500)
>>    Subject: Re: w3TROPICOS Now Available (fwd)

When I accessed the page through the MO main homepage, I noticed that
Netscape reported the address as
(capitalization is literal, not for emphasis). If the server is
case-sensitive (e.g. UNIX), the uncapitalized address won't work. But then
the error message should be different.

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