Molluscan Genetics

Stephanie Clark sclark at LAUREL.OCS.MQ.EDU.AU
Fri Jul 19 01:01:04 CDT 1996

  I would like your help if possible.

 I am in the process of writing up my Masters thesis (a taxonomic project on
an Australian freshwater snail - Posticobia). And as part of this I have
been working on a review of allozyme genetics of molluscs for the last two
decades. As a result I have built up a reference database of over 800
papers. Which I would like to continue and to this end I would appreciate
any help in the form of recent reprints or lists of publications that
concern allozyme genetics, that any of you may have published.

 Out of the above literature, I have found one reference by Haase (1994)
where he published a Nei's genetic identity of 1.000 as separating to
closely related species of freshwater hydrobiid snails from Austria, this is
the only paper that I have seen for molluscs where this has been the case.
My question then is, does anyone know of any other examples for any other
group where a genetic identity of 1.000 as separating two species has been

 I will greatly appreciate any help I recieve.


 Stephanie Clark

PS Please forward this message to anyone who might have an interest in
molluscs, but who are not on either mollusca or taxacom.

Stephanie A. Clark

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