Position Announcement: Biodiversity Centre Manager, Guyana

Tom Hollowell thollowe at OSF1.GMU.EDU
Wed Jul 24 17:19:05 CDT 1996

An excellent opportunity for students and postdocs, leaving time available
for personal research.
Please respond as directed at the end of this posting.


Title:  Interim Manager, Centre for the Study of Biological Diversity
Place:  University of Guyana, Georgetown, Guyana

The Program:  The Smithsonian Institution's Biological Diversity of
the Guianas Program (BDG) is a field-oriented endeavor that has
been in operation since 1983.  Its goal is to study, document, and
preserve the biological diversity of the Guianas.  Originally
confined to botany, it has since expanded to include faunal studies
and general biodiversity studies as well.  In Guyana the
program operates out of the "Centre for the Study of Biological
Diversity" (CSBD) on the campus of and in collaboration with the
University of Guyana (UG).

The Centre:  The CSBD opened in June 1992 and houses a herbarium,
a zoological collection, a small library, a GIS Centre, and staff
offices.  Personnel include the Interim Manager, a
Secretary/Receptionist, a GIS specialist and a cleaning person as
well as three UG staff who periodically work with the collections.

Although the duties will vary depending on the grants that have
been awarded, the main duties, some of which can be delegated, are
as follows:
     - work with the BDG and UG staff to develop grant proposals
       to fund various education, training and scientific projects
     - participate in various education, training, and scientific
       projects developed by the CSBD
     - interact with the resident botanist to ensure smooth
       operation of BDG program in Guyana
     - handle questions and correspondence with reference to CSBD
       and the collections
     - ensure the prompt processing of the paperwork for visiting
     - act as liaison between BDG and  UG staff and students,
       NGO's, and government officials
     - conduct tours at CSBD for appropriate groups and assist
       students, UG staff, scientists and visitors in their use of
     - maintain the health and well being of the collections
     - ensure that regular hours of operation are maintained
     - sees to the care of the CSBD building
     - disperse funds and maintain an accurate record of the CSBD

The Interim Manager runs the Centre and is the focal point for all
biological diversity activities for the BDG program.  Because of
the nature of the program it would be best to have a biologist fill
the job.  The person should have a good knowledge of field research
and taxonomy and be willing to work under what are at times less
than optimal conditions.

The House:  The BDG Program rents a house in Georgetown that serves
as the residence for the interim manager and resident botanist.  It
also serves as a way station for visiting scientist and BDG staff
when they are in Georgetown.  The program has a 4-wheel drive
vehicle that is kept at the house.  Concerning the house, the
Interim Manager is responsible for the following:
     - the overall well being of the property including the vehicle
     - acting as the liaison between the landlord and the BDG
       Program (rent is paid in USA)
     - informing visitors of house rules
     - the disbursement of household funds for electricity, phone,
       guard service, and housekeeper
     - maintaining an accurate record of the household expenses,
       including collecting a modest contribution from visiting

It is a part-time contract position (ca. 8 months) with the
anticipation that the Interim Manager will have his or her own
research to be conducted during the other time or that the
individual will work full time at the Centre and raise the
remaining portion of their salary.  We prefer that the position be
filled for 2 years at a time.  The position is expected to be
available in September of 1996.

For more information please contact V. A. Funk, Department of
Botany, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C., 20560, U.S.A.;
phone 202-357-2560; fax 202-786-2563; email mnhbo003 at sivm.si.edu.

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