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Entomological Information Services would like to announce the publication of
volume 2 of Nomina Insecta Nearctica, A Check List of the Insects of North
America.  This second volume covers the orders Hymenoptera, Mecoptera,
Megaloptera, Neuroptera, Raphidioptera, and Trichoptera.  The book is 793
pp., soft cover, 8 1/2 by 11 in size, and costs $ 79.95.  It follows the
same format as volume 1 on the Coleoptera and Strepsiptera which appeared in
May of this year.  Volume 3 is well under way and is expected to appear
sometime in October.  Volume 3 will cover the Diptera, Lepidoptera, and
Siphonaptera.  Volume 4, the final volume covering the non-Holometabolous
orders, is expected sometime around the beginning of 1997.  A CD-ROM
containing the databases for the four volumes and a database application
will be issued at approximately the same time.  Each order consists of three
parts.  The first part is a "phylogenetic" arrangement of families and
subfamilies within the order, with valid genera listed alphabetically by
subfamily.  The second part is an alphabetical check list of all of the
genus and species group names for the order.  Families are arranged
alphabetically, valid genera alphabetically within families, and valid
species alphabetically within genera.  Subordinate names  for genera and
species (junior synonyms, junior homonyms, emendations, unavailable names,
and misspellings) are listed chronologically beneath the valid genus or
species name.  Each species entry contains the current genus, species,
authors, date, status, and original generic name.  Original orthography is
employed throughout the list.  The third section contains complete indices
of genus and species group names.

The glass is now half-full.

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