Appreciating the basics

Michal Brzeski mbrzeski at LINUX.INWARZ.SKIERNIEWICE.PL
Sat Jul 27 00:46:12 CDT 1996

Thomas G. Lammers wrote:

> It is my strong impression that many people in the systematics community
> (and the world at large) feel that it is necessary to denigrate the old
> in order to validate the new.  I do not pretend to understand the psychology
> of such a viewpoint, but it does seem widespread.

Well, you are perfectly right and many many examples could be cited. What we
really need is hard work and not just take it easy. At the bottom of this is the
liberal philosophy of life we accepted, what counts is success in competition. We
are promoted according to number of publications and it is much easier to
criticize and destroy, to interpret, than to create. But systematics gives no
immediate (financial) benefits and this is why taxonomy is not financed. However,
I am optimistic - the change is already knocking to our door. When will we open?

Best regards to all, Mike.

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