Survey of Etihopia

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Sat Jul 6 03:41:43 CDT 1996

This is preliminary posting.

I am wonder if there is any botanists, entomologists, mammologists,
entomologists... Who would like to join first international complex scientific
expedition into Ethiopia.

The party will be  guided by man who has very good knowledge of local Fauna and
Flora and he lead us to the right spots.

Keep care and be of good cheer

Vratislav Richard Eugene Maria John Baptiste
of Bejsak (Bayshark) Collorado-Mansfeld
84th duke of Siebenlugner
P.O.Box 47 (Moravska)
120 21 Praha 2
Czech Rep
ph.: (42+2) 258393
ph.: (42+2) 270849 (home)
e-mail: 76711.1261 at

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