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Curtis Clark jcclark at CSUPOMONA.EDU
Sat Jul 13 10:06:47 CDT 1996

At 07:16 PM 7/12/96 -0600, Jerry Bricker wrote:
[standardized common names for plants]
>I admit it may be a pipedream.  This might be a solution to any teacher's
>dilema, though.  Teach the standardized common name and go from there.
>Students would be better served learning concepts related to ecology,
>behavior, reproduction, etc. that effect the bird, plant, fungus, animal
>than what its silly scientific name is.

Or teach students at an early age how to pronounce them. I've toyed with the
idea of switching to "Spanish" pronunciation of binomials, since so many
students here in southern California have familiarity with the sounds of
Spanish. In the short term that would be harmful, though, to those who would
get jobs where they would need to know the "English" pronunciation. The same
problem would ensue if they only knew standardized common names.

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