w3TROPICOS Now Available (fwd)

Leonard Krishtalka kris at FALCON.CC.UKANS.EDU
Mon Jul 15 17:21:50 CDT 1996

        Unfortunately, when I tried a search on the "w3TROPICOS" page, I was
informed that Netscape could not locate the "mobot.mobot.org" server, and
that this server did not have a DNS entry.

At 04:14 PM 07/15/1996 -0500, Alan V. Tucker wrote:
>        http://www.mobot.org/mobot/research/
>        Follow the link to "w3TROPICOS."
>The Missouri Botanical Garden announces live access to its TROPICOS
>Nomenclatural database system through the World Wide Web.  Called
>w3TROPICOS, this new access vehicle provides a real-time look at the
>data collected by staff, students, and collaborators over the last 15
>years. When a user request is submitted information about the taxon
>is collated and displayed directly from the database. Information is
>available for over 750,000 scientific plant names.  The records
>frequently have links to other associated names, types, synonymy, and
>bibliographic references.
>This information was collected for a wide variety of projects,
>curatorial tasks, and collaborative endeavors; consequently many
>individual records are not complete or accurate.  The most complete
>information in the database is for taxa covered by floristic or
>taxonomic projects underway at the Missouri Botanical Garden.  We
>encourage your use of the information and would appreciated information
>on how you are using the information, comments on its usefulness, and
>suggestions for improving the presentation.


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