The Name's the Thing: Looking for References

Mike Morris Mike_Morris at NYNET.NYBE.NORTH-YORK.ON.CA
Sun Jul 21 10:25:52 CDT 1996

Hi again Colleagues ...

Thanks very much to everyone who has participated in the debate about the
value of elementary students learning common and/or scientific names of

I have a small request to make on the same topic.  I have a couple of fairly
obscure journal/magazine references that I am not able to find in my local
libraries.  I am hoping that some of you with access to larger university
libraries might be able to help me out.

Nelson, Paticia.  1984.  It's all in the name.   Outdoor Communicator 15(2):
2 - 7.

Colton, Ronald W.  1979.  On plant names.  Outlook 32:  34 - 38.

If any of you would be willing to check your library for these references, I
would really appreciate it.  You could fax them to me at the number below.
Thanks very much.

Mike Morris
Mono Cliffs Outdoor Education Centre
Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

Fax:  (519) 942-0330

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