Names or no?

paul handford handford at JULIAN.UWO.CA
Tue Jul 23 09:03:54 CDT 1996

At 15:31 1996/07/19 -0500, Thomas G. Lammers wrote:
>So my response is a resounding YES.  Children at all ages must be taught
>the names of things.  Names that are appropriate to there level of
>comprehension, and that, as Donna Ford and others emphasized, will mean
>something because of the association of other interesting and useful facts.
>Though its beyond the scope of this group, perhaps the REAL issue here is
>the preponderance of ridiculous educational fads, fancies, and bandwagons,
>and the crippling effect they can have on the education of youth.

Amen, Amen.

But really, you barely NEED to TEACH them names when they are in the 3
years to teens years.  As Maria Montessori observed long ago, and many have
seen beforte and since, kids of that age are simply super-absorbent sponges
for STUFF.  Any stuff.  But terminology seems to be especially attractive.
My 6 year-old will happily discuss whether this leaf should be called
obovate or simply ovate, whether that bug is an insect, arachnid or
crustacean..............  young kids just LOVE names.

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