modern systematics and permanent specimens

Steve Boyd boyds at CGS.EDU
Fri Jul 26 12:58:41 CDT 1996

Joe wrote:

>...   I must say that I have seen systematists make similar oversights within
>their own field. Most molecular systematists have enough sense to make
>permanent specimens representing the terminal taxa they are investigating,
>but I have seen a few who did not. They will publish elaborate cladograms
>and detailed analyses thereof, but if you try to determine which organisms
>are represented, it is nearly impossible without permanent specimens.
>What, then, is the point of doing the analyses?....

Here at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden Herbarium we are often hitting the
graduate students with the phrase "no voucher - no data".  I first heard
Brian Boom utter these words at the BRIT symposium several years ago and it
really hit home.  I hope that if our grad students hear these sacred words
enough, the concept will sink in and they will become advocates of
collections when they move on in their careers.

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