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The American Institute of Physics Bulletin of Science Policy News
Number 85: May 30, 1996

1995 House Vote to Cut NSF and NASA Funding

During the next few weeks, the House will consider FY 1997 funding
bills for the National Science Foundation, NASA, Department of
Energy, and NIST.  One of the best ways to predict how a Member of
Congress might vote on any issue is by examining his or her voting
record.  In 1995, Members of the House of Representatives were
given the opportunity to reduce NSF and NASA spending in order to
increase the Department of Veterans Administration appropriation.

As originally reported last year, the following representatives
voted in favor of an amendment offered by Rep. John Ensign
(R-Nevada) to increase VA Medical Care spending through an
offsetting reduction of $235 million in NSF's Research and Related
Activities appropriation and an $89.5 million reduction in NASA's
Human Space Flight Account.  The House rejected this amendment by
a vote of 121-296.  (See last year's FYIs #119, 120.)

Members listed below voted IN FAVOR of reducing the NSF and NASA
appropriation.  Also listed below are those Members who did not
vote.  ALL OTHER MEMBERS OPPOSED the proposed NSF and NASA
reductions.  (These Members are not listed because of space

*** YEAS (121)


Ackerman G (NY)           Furse E (OR)              Owens M (NY)
Bishop S (GA)             Gejdenson S (CT)          Pallone F (NJ)
Bonior D (MI)             Gephardt R (MO)           Pastor E (AZ)
Brown C (FL)              Geren P (TX)              Payne L (VA)
Brown S (OH)              Gordon B (TN)             Peterson C (MN)
Bryant J (TX)             Gutierrez L (IL)          Pomeroy E (ND)
Clyburn J (SC)            Hall R (TX)               Poshard G (IL)
Collins B (MI)            Hamilton L (IN)           Rahall N (WV)
Condit G (CA)             Hefner W (NC)             Reed J (RI)
Conyers J (MI)            Holden T (PA)             Rivers L (MI)
Costello J (IL)           Jacobs A (IN)             Roemer T (IN)
Coyne W (PA)              Johnson T (SD)            Skelton I (MO)
Danner P (MO)             Kennedy P (RI)            Stenholm C (TX)
DeFazio P (OR)            Kildee D (MI)             Stupak B (MI)
DeLauro R (CT)            Kleczka G (WI)            Tejeda F (TX)
Dingell J (MI)            Lipinski W (IL)           Thompson B (MS)
Durbin R (IL)             Maloney C (NY)            Thornton R (AR)
Edwards C (TX)            Manton T (NY)             Traficant (OH)
Engel E (NY)              Martinez M (CA)           Velazquez  (NY)
Evans L (IL)              McNulty M (NY)            Volkmer H (MO)
Fattah C (PA)             Menendez R (NJ)           Ward M (KY)
Fields C (LA)             Mink P (HI)               Waters M (CA)
Filner B (CA)             Montgomery G (MS)         Wise B (WV)
Foglietta T (PA)          Obey D (WI)               Woolsey L (CA)
Frost M (TX)              Orton B (UT)              Wyden R (OR)

INDEPENDENTS (1)          Sanders B (VT)


Allard W (CO)             Dickey J (AR)             McHugh J (NY)
Bilbray B (CA)            Ensign J (NV)             McInnis S (CO)
Brownback S (KS)          Fox J (PA)                McIntosh D (IN)
Burr R (NC)               Gilman B (NY)             Molinari S (NY)
Camp D (MI)               Goodlatte R (VA)          Myers J (IN)
Canady C (FL)             Goodling B (PA)           Norwood C (GA)
Chabot S (OH)             Heineman F (NC)           Ramstad J (MN)
Chambliss S (GA)          Herger W (CA)             Riggs F (CA)
Chenoweth H (ID)          Hilleary V (TN)           Saxton H (NJ)
Christensen J (NE)        Hostettler J (IN)         Smith N (MI)
Coble H (NC)              Hutchinson T (AR)         Tate R (WA)
Coburn T (OK)             Jones W (NC)              Vucanovich (NV)
Collins M (GA)            Kelly S (NY)              Watts J (OK)
Crapo M (ID)              Latham T (IA)             Weller J (IL)
Cremeans F (OH)           LoBiondo F (NJ)           Whitfield  (KY)

*** NAYS (296)

                                    All Members not listed.

*** NOT VOTING (18)


Becerra X (CA) ?          Hall T (OH) ?             Stark P (CA) ?
Farr S (CA) +             Moakley J (MA) ?          Thurman (FL) ?
Flake F (NY) ?            Reynolds M (IL) ?         Tucker (CA) ?
Ford H (TN) ?             Rush B (IL) ?             Yates S (IL) ?
Green G (TX) -


Gingrich N (GA) S         Meyers J (KS) ?           Young D (AK) ?
Hoke M (OH) ?             Moorhead C (CA) ?

KEY -- Special Categories of Not Voting
 #  Paired For         X  Paired Against
 S  Speaker exercised discretion not to vote
 ?  Did not vote or make position known

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