ANNOUNCEMENT: Summer Links Workshop Still Open

Thomas P. Copley tcopley at GIGANTOR.ARLINGTON.COM
Tue Jun 4 22:01:20 CDT 1996

The Make the Link Workshop has been receiving a very enthusiastic
response.  There are still openings left in the two workshops
scheduled to begin June 17 and July 1. A new session has been added
that begins August 5.  The May session is now closed.

Make the Link Workshop is an inexpensive, eight-week training course on
the World Wide Web (WWW) and the HyperText Markup Language (HTML).  It
is conducted entirely by e-mail, making it extremely easy to receive
and use.  The workshop is available to the general public.

The cost of the workshop is $20 US.

For more information, please send an otherwise blank message to:

     info at

To sign up for the Make the Link Workshop, please send a message to
the e-mail address:

     majordomo at

with (type exactly):

     subscribe links9

to sign up for Session IX beginning June 17, or

     subscribe links10

to sign up for Session X starting July 1, or

     subscribe links11

to sign up for Session XI starting August 5.

(and nothing else) in the body of the message.  Leave the subject
line blank.

If you have any difficulty with this procedure, or fail to receive
a response, please send e-mail to tcopley at

TO AMERICA ONLINE USERS ONLY:  Please place a "." (period) in all
blank fields.

Each session is exactly the same, so please sign up for the one
with the most convenient timing for you.


THOMAS P. COPLEY                           tcopley at
Make the Link Workshop     

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