portable computer for field work

Rodham E. Tulloss ret at PLUTO.NJCC.COM
Fri Jun 7 11:12:19 CDT 1996

I would like advice (email to me personally) regarding a data entry
computer for field work.

My assessment is that I need something with no bells and whistles.  It
would be satisfactory for starters to use the DOS edit program, but an
upgrade to data base software is likely.  I don't see what I need a
color display for.  I don't see what I need Windows for.  (Except to
clutter the hard drive.)

Toshiba laptops come highly recommended for robustness, but the low
end model (like everybody's) comes with color screen and Windows 95.
The lowest price quote I have is just under $1800.

Should I look for a used monochrome machine?  Or is there an obvious
advantage to getting a new model that I am missing?  Any other advice
would be helpful.  The target collecting areas are very humid, by the

Very best,

Rod Tulloss

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