portable computer for field work

Fri Jun 7 11:14:25 CDT 1996

>I would like advice (email to me personally) regarding a data entry
>computer for field work.
>My assessment is that I need something with no bells and whistles.  It
>would be satisfactory for starters to use the DOS edit program, but an
>upgrade to data base software is likely.  I don't see what I need a
>color display for.  I don't see what I need Windows for.  (Except to
>clutter the hard drive.)
>Toshiba laptops come highly recommended for robustness, but the low
>end model (like everybody's) comes with color screen and Windows 95.
>The lowest price quote I have is just under $1800.
>Should I look for a used monochrome machine?  Or is there an obvious
>advantage to getting a new model that I am missing?  Any other advice
>would be helpful.  The target collecting areas are very humid, by the
After using a few different laptops in the field I have realized that it is
difficult to see the screen very well unless the computer has an active matrix
screen. Unfortunately, the same computer with a regular LCD, or monochrome
screen is about $1000.00 less.

Kelly Sendall
Collections Manager,
Invertebrate Zoology
Royal BC Museum
Victoria, BC CANADA

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