TDWG-96, Toronto, 12-14 October 1996

Tim Dickinson timd at ROM.ON.CA
Tue Jun 25 16:50:09 CDT 1996

                   TDWG-96 SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT

Annual Meeting and Symposium, Taxonomic Database Working Group

                       12-14 October 1996
                         Toronto, CANADA


Preliminary Program (still open to TDWG members proposals):

 - Wednesday through Saturday morning, 9-12 October
   IOPI Meetings, including the Species Plantarum Project

 - Saturday afternoon, 12 October
   TDWG Registration
   TDWG Plenary session
   TDWG Mixer

 - Sunday, 13 October
   TDWG Subgroup sessions:
      Bar codes
      Geography Standard
      Authors standard
      Copyright of electronic publications
      Life form descriptors
      Accessions (specimen databases)
      proposal for adoption of IUCN Degrees of threat
      Proposal for adoption of International Transfer Format
            for Botanical Garden Plant Records (ITF) ver. 2.

 - Monday, 14 October (Canadian Thanksgiving Day)
   TDWG Plenary Session
   TDWG Symposium:  Demonstrations of computer software and applications
   TDWG Dinner


                   TDWG 1996 Registration Form

Use this form to register for TDWG-96, and to request additional
information.  Please print the form, fill in the information
requested, and FAX or mail the completed form to:

c/o T. A. Dickinson (FAX +1-416-586-5516)
Center for Biodiversity and Conservation Biology
Royal Ontario Museum
100 Queen's Park
Toronto  CANADA  M5S 2C6

Name:  _____________________________________
Institution and Department
(if applicable):  _____________________________________

Address:  _____________________________________________________________

City:  _________________________________________________________________

Country and Postal Code:  _________________________________________________

E-mail address and FAX number: ____________________________________________

The registration fee for TDWG-96 is $150.00, and should be made
payable in Canadian dollars to the Royal Ontario Museum.  Please
note that, as the meeting venue at the University of Toronto (12-13
October) is not conveniently close to many restaurants, and as in
Canada October 14 is a public holiday (Thanksgiving Day), the
registration fee includes the costs of the following:  coffee breaks
12-14 October, lunches 13-14 October, as well as dinner on 14 October.

Please check all that apply:
_____ Find enclosed a bank draft in
Canadian dollars payable to the Royal Ontario Museum
_____ I am sending by mail a bank draft in Canadian dollars payable
to the Royal Ontario Museum
_____ Please send me information about accomodations and dining
(information will be sent to registrants on request)
_____ I plan to present a POSTER/COMPUTER DEMONSTRATION for
the symposium (please indicate which)
Provisional title or topic:



(1) Please see the TDWG-96 WWW pages, located at

These pages will be posted on 2 July 1996, and will be updated as new
program and other information becomes available.  You may wish to
register the TDWG-96 pages with the following WWW site

in order to find when new information has been posted.  This site
will automatically send you e-mail when the TDWG pages change.  The
service is free (but they do try to make you look at some product
advertisements).  Thanks to Jim Rohlf and Art Kendall for this

(2) For more TDWG-96 program information contact either:

Timothy Dickinson
Vascular Plant Herbarium (TRT)
Center for Biodiversity and Conservation Biology
Royal Ontario Museum
100 Queen's Park
Toronto, CANADA M5S 2C6
e-mail: timd at
fax: +1 416 586 5516


TDWG Secretariat
Real Jardin Botanico - CSIC
Plaza de Murillo 2
28014 Madrid, SPAIN
e-mail: pando at
fax: +34 1 420 0157


TDWG-96 is being hosted by:

The Vascular Plant Herbarium (TRT)
Center for Biodiversity and Conservation Biology
Royal Ontario Museum
Toronto, CANADA


The Botany Department of the University of Toronto
Toronto, CANADA


Taxonomic Databases Working Group (TDWG):

Begun in 1985 as an international working group to explore ideas on
standardization and collaboration between major plant taxonomic
database projects, TDWG has since expanded its scope to include all
taxonomic database projects from all biological disciplines.  TDWG
is affiliated with the International Union of Biological Sciences
(IUBS) as the Commission on Taxonomic Databases and members include
institutions and individuals responsible for biological databases
with taxonomic components.  Membership in TDWG is open to
institutions, projects and individuals interested in participating
in TDWG activities.

The mission of TDWG is:

        to provide an international forum for biological database projects;
        to develop and promote the use of standards; and
        to facilitate data exchange

TDWG annual meetings and symposia provide a forum for discussing
technical aspects of taxonomic databases, discussing the form and
content of proposed standards, voting on the adoption of standards,
and sharing information on current developments in taxonomic

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