Plant distributions

Peter Mackey mackeyp at CITEC.QLD.GOV.AU
Wed Jun 26 12:15:44 CDT 1996


Can anyone help me with the distribution of the following two
plant species in Asia:

Senna tora (foetid cassia)
Ziziphus mauritiana (Chinee apple or Indian jujube)?

I do not have access to the requisite floras and the best I can find
out is 'throughout India and southern Asia (Burma to China)' for Z.
mauritiana and 'southern India to Thailand' for S. tora. I have
reasonable records for S. tora in the Pacific, but does it occur
in north as well as south Thailand, does it extend into Kampuchea,
Laos and Vietnam? Also similar questions for Z. mauritiana but also,
which parts of China (Guang Xi and Guang Dong or elsewhere)?

Any help much appreciated, thanks...........Peter.

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