Commercial ads

Renaud Fortuner fortuner at MATH.U-BORDEAUX.FR
Sat Jun 1 07:03:06 CDT 1996

Quoting from International Herald Tribune of May 30:

"Five denominations
representing more than 15 million members will use the power of 43,000 pulpits
next months to urge their flocks to buy products and services endorsed by
Revelation Corporation of America, the for-profit merchandising creation of
John B. Lowery, a Memphis developer."

Well, if it is OK to advertise
for-profit products in churches, why not on Taxacom? Are we holier than them?
Besides, we all buy, or have bought, or will buy, commercial products so we
need to know what's available. As long as the product is related to science or
scientific activities, I don't mind being told about it.

Renaud Fortuner

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