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Stephen P. Rae srae at NAPANET.NET
Sat Jun 1 07:56:59 CDT 1996

>>By the way, if anyone has experience with Strategic Mapping's Atlas
>software and applying geocoded data bases to multiple maps, I'd love
>to hear from them by email.
>Rod Tulloss
I have used Atlas and ArcInfo and strongly recommend that ArcInfo be your
choice.  Atlas can do straightforward GIS applications but cannot handle the
complex data manipulation as does ArcInfo.  Also, after creating coverages
in ArcInfo, the standalone package ArcView is slick for displaying and
manipulating those coverages.  Finally, there are many using ArcInfo and
they constitute a well-informed support group.  I do not see Atlas with such
a following.  (Of course, this statment will cause the Atlas users to come
out of the woodwork).

ArcInfo and ArcView are not cheap, but their capabilities justify the
expense.  Throughout our organization (California Department of Fish and
Game) we have employed ArcInfo.  In the early days many of us tried Atlas,
and other packages.  ESRI's products clearly outperformed the competition.
Please go to, check publications, the 1996 symposium, for a
recent symposium on how the ArcInfo community applies the software.

For details on some of our applications you may wish to contact one of our
GIS staff (Michael Byrne at mbyrne at
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