Linnaeus water

Tue Jun 4 12:29:03 CDT 1996

Alexey Kuprijanov writes:

>This evening I have seen an empty bottle of carbonated water.
>I was surprised to see large golden letters "Carl von Linne"
>on its label. Does anyone know what does it mean?

I have two bottles of this water in my office which I display as
souvenirs of a trip I took to Sweden.  It is a brand of carbonated
water commonly sold in Sweden, and I was so delighted by seeing it
that I bought several and brought them home with me.  I don't know
if it has any special association with Linnaeus -- I assumed it was
just a brand name, like in the United States someone might make
up the name "Washington Water" as a brand.  But perhaps there is
some special association of which I am unaware?  (I once thought
I could make a little money on the side by buying a few cases of
Linnaeus Water and selling them at evolution meetings in the US.)  ;-)

Linnaeus also appears on Swedish currency -- the 50 and 100 kronor
notes as I recall, with pictures of his garden and his manuscripts.

Bob O'Hara

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