P.A. Fryxell

Fri Jun 7 09:16:56 CDT 1996

Taxacomers of all kinds, thank you !

I got many answers to my request.  So I have now five phone numbers,
one fax number, three e-mail addresses and two snail-mail adresses.
No, I am not going to try out all of them !  Yes, I forgot to check ASPT
directory (but I checked PTO list).   The information I got previously at
TAMU site was effectively not up-to-date.

Thanks again.

Martin Dube

Martin Dube', Ph.D.              Internet martin at cuslm.ca
Campus d'Edmundston
Universite' de Moncton
Edmundston, Nouveau-Brunswick           Tel.: 506-737-5154
CANADA   E3V 2S8                        Fax : 506-737-5373

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