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Mon Jun 10 10:32:26 CDT 1996

At 10:44:51 on Friday, 7 June 1996, Fred Peabody wrote to TAXACOM:
 >Does anyone have information as to the availability of pasteboard boxes
>that would be suitable for the storage of tree and shrub twigs for my
>dendrology collection?
>F.J. Peabody
>University of South Dakota


You are likely thinking of the chipboard boxes we use here at ISU.  There
are many suppliers of such boxes, but finding appropriately-sized ones as
"standard" rather than "custom" may be a problem (especially since small
quantity "custom" can be quite expensive).  Also, shipping can be expensive,
as "made-up" boxes are bulky.  For this reason, we try to use Midwestern
companies whenever we can.  I've checked my files for any we've ordered from
in the last 10 years or so.  The two I've found are:

Fisher Paper Box Co. Inc.
221-225 First St. N.
Minneapolis, MN  55401
Ph. 612/333-6341

Quincy Paper Box Co.
P. O. Box 209
Vermont & 3rd St.
Quincy, IL  62301
Ph. 217/222-7400

We haven't ordered from either of these in several years, so hope info is
still accurate.  I see that I also have a catalog in the file received since
I last needed to check into this from:

Clarke-Boxit Corp.
5555 Walworth Ave.
Cleveland, OH  44102
Ph.: 1-800-438-2269

Getting tired of tracking down enough shoeboxes, huh?
Deborah Q. Lewis, Curator
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