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Jacques Rifkind Muisca at AOL.COM
Mon Jun 17 12:30:42 CDT 1996

>Can anyone translate this latin phrase for me?

>"Treguna mekoides trecorum satis dee."

Actually, it's _Treguna mecoides trecorum_ (Satis Dee 1876:12)-- a rather
obscure subspecies of facultative cheese-burrowing wig moth from Aldabra (and
its Islet, Aldabra II). Satis Dee was the lesser known brother of the famous
Santangela (Sandra) Dee whose monograph on _Pinchalophapogonius_ is still
considered a standard work in cerambycidology. Satis Dee named the moth in
question after Adelbert and Mylar Trecor (and their daughter Judy), who
actually discovered the insect in their camembert aging shed, recognized its
unusual plumous antennae and had the foresight to contact Dee who realized
that it was a distinctly different race of the widespread nominate
subspecies. (It should probably be raised to full species status based on a
unique SMRS, but I'll leave that to the lep people.)

I hope this helps.


Gena Gulamentum
Author (if I don't kill the editors beforehand...) of the forthcoming
"Mnemonics and the Eucnemidae: Try Saying that With a Speech Impediment."
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