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Jerry Bricker lcjbrick at ANTELOPE.WCC.EDU
Mon Jun 17 23:58:34 CDT 1996

On Mon, 17 Jun 1996, Jorge Soberon Mainero wrote:

> On Sun, 16 Jun 1996, Jerry Bricker wrote:
> > Taxacomers,
> >
> > Can anyone translate this latin phrase for me?
> >
> > "Treguna mekoides trecorum satis dee."
> >
> >
> > Jerry Bricker
> >
> I think it was just Willow Apwood trying to impress one witch or another,
> and I doubt it very much if it is Latin. Jacques Rifkind probably got it
> right and it is just nonsense.
> Regards.
But it CAN'T be nonsense.  If it is my entire existence will be for
naught.  I have spent a better part of 34 years cultivating a
consciousness based on massive doses of American media.  If this turns
out to be just fiddle-foddle then can I trust my world view based on old
reruns of Gilligans Island (a very good source of understanding of island
biogeography, in my view), the Munsters (the basis of my knowledge of
genetic mutations and alchemy), and the Brady Bunch (that show hasn't
helped much in dealing with the "real" world but I dig their groovy
threads)?  That phrase must mean something.  Walt Disney would never have
put it in his movie otherwise.  What's next?  Will I learn that Homer
Simpson isn't a model father and husband?!  Please say it aint so.


Jerry Bricker

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