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Jay A Schneider jaschnei at CC.YSU.EDU
Sat Jun 1 10:06:03 CDT 1996

If I want to read advertisements on USENET, I can go to one of the
numerous *.marketplace newsgroups.  Isn't it enough to have one's
snail-mailbox full of junk mail?  Now we're going to tolerate having our
electronic mailboxes full of junk mail, too?  I don't care about OPINIONS
of the origin of USENET - USENET has evolved since 1969, and we have
hierarchies, mailing lists, alt.* newsgrops, etc.  USENET has evolved.
If you don't appreciate that USENET has changed since its inception, then
what on Earth are you doing on a mailing list essentially devoted to the
study of (albeit biological) evolution?

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