Specimens of Ficus

Servando Carvajal scarvaja at FOREIGNER.CLASS.UDG.MX
Mon Jun 3 21:09:55 CDT 1996

Dear taxacomers:

        Ficus is a genus of the Fig (Moraceae) family with many
and very interesting species. In the last eight years I
have been studying to the Mexican species and I soon
will publish the monograph of the genus. Unfortunately
the study of the specimens of the herbaria of Ficus is
frustrating. Most of them, in all the consulted
herbaria, have the leaves removed of the branchlets.
They have conserved the leaves in the best of cases, in
big envelopes or attached to the branchlet in an
artificial way, and always without looking for an
order. The specimens collected by me, after dried are
also some bundles of leaves and branchlets separate.
Could somebody suggest to me, any practical and
economic method, to prepare valuable specimens for
futures studious of the genus Ficus?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Servando Carvajal
Instituto de Botanica
Apartado 139, Zapopan 45110
Jalisco. Mexico.

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