USeful Statistic SOftware forTaxonomy

Richard Jensen rjensen at SAINTMARYS.EDU
Thu Jun 6 09:23:52 CDT 1996

I have used SYSTAT for years - it's a good comprehensive package (uni-
and multivariate) and supports a wide variety of graphics options.  It's
available as a windows package (a new upgrade just announced) - I don't
know if the DOS version is still available.

For much less, you can get two programs, BIOM and NTSYSpc from Exeter
Software - the former is an easy to use univariate package (Windows)
keyed to Sokal & Rohlf's Biometry text; the latter is a versatile multivariate
package that is provided in DOS mode (I don't believe it is available in
a windows version).

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