Meeting: Chorological Problems in the European Flora

Tue Jun 11 01:21:55 CDT 1996

August 8-9 1997, University of Helsinki, Finland

The Botanical Museum of the Finnish Museum of Natural History,
University of Helsinki, will host the VIII meeting of the Committee
for Mapping the Flora of Europe. The meeting is open to all people
interested in the floristic mapping of Europe. This meeting of the
committee has an exceptional character, for two reasons:

    1) With Vol. 12 of Atlas Florae Europaeae (AFE) the European
    botanists have experienced the mapping of plants of one whole
    volume (the 1st) of Flora Europaea.

    2) Electronic data processing provides new possibilities and
    challenges, not only in making Atlas Florae Europaeae but all
    over the biological mapping. The time is now to ponder thoroughly
    the international framework, in order to reach the best possible
    methods for future work. We have a strong feeling that the
    results of the meeting will gain very much from expert views,
    also from those not directly working on Atlas Florae Europaeae.

Duration of the meeting

The meeting will start in the morning of Friday, August 8, 1997 and
will close in the evening of Saturday, August 9, 1997. After the
meeting there will be a three-day botanical excursion in southern

Registration fee

The registration fee is 800 FIM (c. 220 CHF) and it includes the
material for the meeting and the 'Proceedings' of the meeting
published afterwards, refreshments during the coffee breaks and the
local trips. The registration fee for accompanying persons is 200 FIM
(c. 55 CHF).

Botanical excursion in southern Finland

After the meeting, Sunday August 10 - Tuesday August 12 a botanical
excursion is arranged in southern Finland with an approximate cost
of 1200 FIM (c. 330 CHF) including bus transport, accommodation and
meals. The sites visited during the excursion include e.g. brackish
water seashores, eskers, bogs, oligotrophic and eutrophic lakes and
a primeval forest.

Preliminary programme

The lectures of the meeting will deal with all-European (Atlas Florae
Europaeae, Flora Europaeae) and regional (Finland, Germany, Spain,
Russia, the Balkans) flora or floristic mapping projects, their
databases, methods and problems, and specific taxonomical problems
of Rosaceae (lectures on, e.g., Rubus, Alchemilla, Rosa, Cotoneaster,
woody Rosaceae). This is because Rosaceae is the first family to be
treated in Atlas Florae Europaeae after the completion of its 12th

The lecturers include Kazimierz Browicz (Kornik), John Edmondson
(Liverpool), Sigurd Fr=F6hner (Nossen), Bertil Hylm=F6 (Bjuv), Tapani
Lahti (Helsinki), Raino Lampinen (Helsinki), Gonzalo Nieto Feliner
(Madrid), =D6rjan Nilsson (Uppsala), Richard Pankhurst (Edinburgh),
Peter Sch=F6nfelder (Regensburg), V.N. Tikhomirov (Moscow) and H.E.
Weber (Vechta), among others.

The preliminary programme is described on the web page at

Second Circular

The Second Circular will be sent in early 1997 to those who have
sent us the registration form by the end of October 1996. This can be
done also via the web page at

... or by sending e-mail to the secretary of the organizing
committee, leena.helynranta at

Yours sincerely,

The organizing committee:
Pertti Uotila,
Jaakko Jalas,
Juha Suominen,
Arto Kurtto,
Raino Lampinen,
Leena Helynranta

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