[Announcemnet] The University of Regina G.F. Ledingham Herbarium (USAS) on Web

Shunguo Liu liushus at LEROY.CC.UREGINA.CA
Tue Jun 11 14:48:12 CDT 1996


This is to announce the Web page for The G.F. Ledingham Herbarium
(USAS) at University of Regina is available at:


Dr. G.F. Ledingham established the Herbarium in 1945. Since then, he has
devoted a good portion of his lifetime in expanding the collections of
the Herbarium, both while he was a full-time faculty member and during
his nearly twenty years of retirement. The Herbarium has over 50,000
vascular plant specimens, 10,000 bryophyte specimens, and 10,000
specimens of lichens.

Currently those are available from the Herbarium page:

        1. An Introduction of G.F. Ledingham Herbarium
        2. G.F. Ledingham Herbarium Specimen DataBase
        3. A few Saskatchewan Native Plant Images

You are cordially invited to visit the page and comment/
suggestions are welcome.

Shunguo Liu
Biology Department
University of Regina

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