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    Ole> The term homology is used in a variety of different
    Ole> contexts. In cytogenetics it is common practice to refer to
    Ole> chromosomes that pair during meiosis in a diploid organism as
    Ole> 'homologs' and to refer to the homologous pair in another
    Ole> species as 'homoeologs'. Whereas it is easy to trace the
    Ole> definition of the term 'homoeologous' (Huskins - J.
    Ole> Genet. 25 (1931)113-124), it is difficult to trace any
    Ole> definition of 'homologs' or to find the first use of the term
    Ole> (in a cytogenetic context).

    Ole> Who was the first to use 'homology'in this context?

Rieger, Michaelis, and Green's ``Glossary of Genetics and
Cytogenetics'' cites Vavilov's ``law of homologous genes'' as the
first use in genetics.

Vavilov, N. J.  1922.  The law of homologous series in variation.
J. Genet. 12:47.

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