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The following interesting nomenclatorial problem arose while we getting
volume two of Nomina Insecta Nearctica ready for the printer.  The order of
snake flies is usually given as Raphidioptera.  The name is clearly based on
the genus Raphidia.  However order names are not based on a generic or
family group name.  The problem is that when the order name was first proposed:

Navas, 1916.  Mem. R. Acad. Cienc. Artes Barcelona, 12:507-513.

It was spelled Rhapidioptera based on the emendation Rhaphidia of Raphidia.
The code of zoological nomenclature covers only family, genus, and species
group names.  To our knowledge there are no rules for categories higher than
family group name.  In keeping with the ground rules for the Nomina project,
were are adopting the original spelling even though Raphidioptera is the
more commonly (but not exclusively) used spelling.  However, we would be
interested in hearing opinions on the subject from others who may have faced
a similar problem.

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