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Joe Laferriere josephl at CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU
Sun Mar 10 14:18:16 CST 1996

On Thu, 7 Mar 1996, Barry Hammel wrote:

> Date: Thu, 07 Mar 1996 23:43:10 +0600
> From: Barry Hammel <bhammel at>
> To: josephl at CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU, bhammel at
> Subject: Taxacom Listserv Archives: Electronic publication of new taxa
> Dear Joe,
> Jim Beach's announcement might have made it sound as though our
> publication was nomenclaturaly valid.  We know it is not.  It is,
> however, as stated, a formal Web publication.  If you read the
> publication,
> you will see that the article (except for the color graphics) has been
> sent for publication to a paper journal.  We put it up on the Web as an
> example of what can be done with the electronic format.  Permanent
> accesibility of this format is the one important issue that needs to be
> resolved or at least focused on before the 1999 congress.
> Sincerely, Barry Hammel
Dear Barry,
    Thanx for the clarification. As I said, I skimmed Jim's original note
briefly without even noticing whether this was a plant or an animal, much
less look up the web page.
    Permanent accessibility of current electronic format is indeed my
chief concern in making electronic publishing acceptible in lieu of paper
publication. Computer technology is advancing so rapidly that what seems
like a revolutionary, ground-breaking innovation today may well be
regarded as quaint and backwards 10 years from now, and completely
unreadable in 20. Given the priority rules in biological nomenclature, we
need to be 100% sure that our successors in the next century will be able
to make full use of our work today.


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