Microsoft fonts

Sat Mar 2 15:26:00 CST 1996

Richard tells us:
>But the best could be to send letter to Microsoft, it is works. Long time
>all my correspondence finish with sentence. :
>I am feel very sorry that I cannot properly signed my letter due to missing
>character. What was "s with small hook on top". And if you look into
>3.1, you can find it!!  (Alt+0138 or 0154).

I recently corresponded with someone in Slovenia whose name included the "s
with a hook" -- that one I could do but her address included several other
characters including c with an acute accent and a z with a hook.  These
characters are readily available in WordPerfect Multinational but not in
Word.  If Microsoft wants to be a power internationally, it will have to
shape up.

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