Diacritical marks lost on the net. How retain or recover?

Stephen J Bungard sbungard at ZENECABP.DEMON.CO.UK
Tue Mar 19 14:22:52 CST 1996

In article <ABA6gJnmY7 at mbat.freenet.kiev.ua>, "Yuri P. Nekrutenko"
<YPNekrut at MBAT.FREENET.KIEV.UA> writes
>Why not accept the following prostheses for so-called "Congress languages":
>e` or e\ - accent grave
>e' or e/ - accent aigu
>e^ - accent circonflexe
>c, - c'edille
>" - apostrophe (if ' will not be used as accent aigu)
>a", o", u" - Umlaut
>$ - Eszett

Yes, fine.  The one's that worry me are things like a c with a small v
on top of it....

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