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Lawrence Kirkendall Lawrence.Kirkendall at ZOO.UIB.NO
Thu Mar 21 18:20:10 CST 1996

There was a message awhile back (TAXACOM?  ENTOMOL-L?) which stated that
confocal laser microscopes were the coming thing in taxonomy--soon, they
would be as standard as using SEM in insect taxonomy.  I didn't pay much
attention, never having seen one (or pictures from one) or even heard of
one before.  It turns out that our zoology institute is in the process of
applying for a major grant to purchase one (they are _really_ expensive),
for the cell biologists.  Our chances of getting it improve, the wider the
support is within our institute (i.e. the more potential users we can

Could someone give me more details on how this can be useful to me
(scolytid beetles) and others (chironomids, nematodes, etc.) in taxonomy?
Do the structures I "photograph" have to flouresce?  The cell biologists
weren't aware it could be used for anything larger than organelles, and
find it hard to believe there would be any advantages to using this type of
'scope over traditional techniques...

I would especially appreciate references to either taxonomic articles with
published figures (preferably, external morphology), or articles describing
the benefits to taxonomists (especially entomologists).

Thank you,

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