every entomologist needs a plant press

Vid Strpic strpic at OLIMP.IRB.HR
Fri Mar 29 19:36:53 CST 1996

At 18:53 3/29/96, nelson at cls.biol.sc.edu wrote:

>Fri 29 Mar  1248P
>Dr. Porcelli says:
>    "I am not able to verify many of these references because there
>are historical ones and/or only parts of the host plants was
>    It seems that this would be yet another example of the absolute
>importance of making herbarium specimens, whenever possible.
>I'm not sure about this: do entomologists tend to collect voucher
>material of the hosts of the insects they are studying?
>    Have a good weekend, everybody!

I agree. I, personally, always get the host plant herbarium specimen. Simple
'a ton of books' plant press I used during studying is still working. Also,
I try to get sample of vegetation if I collect insects in some habitat as a
whole (e.g. sweeping net). It always used to be a good help. And sometimes
very useful to a botanist colleagues...

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