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Stuart Fullerton stuartf at PEGASUS.CC.UCF.EDU
Thu May 2 14:53:42 CDT 1996

I send the below on at the suggestion of Dr. Mike Sharkey in Canada. He
notes the original idea probably came from Dr. Henri Goulet of Canada. I
know-Bombus is not a Halctine so please do not flame me for that.

Stuart M Fullerton ROF, Research Associate in charge of Arthropod
Collections (UCFC), Biology Dept. University of Central Florida, Orlando,
Florida, 32816, USA. stuartf at

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Some time ago i was bitching and moaning about the condition of bees via
the m trap into alcohol and the matting of the pile. you noted that
someone in canada did them up in a little mesh bag and popped them into
the cloths dryer. Well today i triend a variation of the idea. - not
having a cloths dryer handy in my well equiped bug closet, i went through
a jar of stuff from last summer and pulled a bunch of excess halictidae,
did them up in a mesh bag, and jostled them in front of an antique hair
dryer, left from the days when i had some to dry, and wallllllla. it
worked even up the bombus which take a bit more time. so for what it is
worth, rinse with the 75 % isopropyl, rinse in 99 % iso and pop them in
front of the dryer. just sort out and do not try to do smaldl and big
bees together - at least it did not work well for me (you cook the small
while trying to dry the large).

thanks for the tip

cheers!!! rof

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